Dream Of The Woman In Blue


A woman, a child, a river, running. Spinning and swinging, dreaming and
playing. Lost. Scared… and fading away.


Actress Eden Sela and Director Roy Cross on the set of Dream of The Woman in Blue photo by Cheryl Bellows



Somehow, I have found my way back to the beginning. Silent cinema has long lost its audience, just as our sensibilities for silent film have faded over time. I was, and remain curious about the impact of silent film, not from an academic point of view, but rather as a means of expression and representation. Amongst the onslaught of surround sound and digital technology, I am drawn to the gentle power of what has long been perceived as a dead language.


The Woman in Blue, reflects. Photo by Cheryl Bellows from Dream of The Woman in Blue by Roy Cross

Dream of the Woman in Blue is a narrative loosely connected by character, movement and aesthetic. It is not meant to mimic or copy a certain epoch of cinematic history. It is an exploration in looking that encourages a construction of the narrative through viewing. The film is based on a series of nighttime dreams I think I had once.



Flynn waits for his cue. Photo by Cheryl Bellows from Dream of The Woman in Blue by Roy Cross

6 minutes, 20 seconds
35mm, silent, black and white
1.37:1 aspect ratio

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