It has been a few years since I shot any anamorphic footage. I had hoped to shoot my latest film, A Wondrous Blue, in anamorphic.  I dropped the ball in my planning and ended up shooting spherical instead. I’ve considered selling my anamorphic setup, or have it converted to a PL mount. Neither idea is very appealing to me. So, it is waiting for me should the desire resurrect itself.

Here is a short clip of some black and white, anamorphic film I shot in 2016. Click on the image to see the clip. I ran into the shot to give some perspective. I was working alone and without any casting options!

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.44.18 PMI processed this Kodak 5231 in caffenol using a Lomo spiral tank. It was my first run with the Lomo and needless to say I had some problems loading the damn thing.  As well, the caffenol seems to soften the emulsion so much that it is susceptible to scratches when handling it after. Furthermore, I had some issues with reticulation on this batch but it is not evident in this clip.

Here is a short clip of some colour, anamorphic film I shot in 2016. Click on the image to see the clip.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 9.04.10 PM

Need to qualify the results a bit. The lab had some temperature issues and as such my negative was under-processed, which required Frame Discreet to really stretch the limits of their sensor to get a decent image. There is an inordinate amount of sparkle as well.   But the lenses are sharp!  Thanks to Bernie at Super16.


Summer 2016, Near Wood Mountain


Summer 2016, need baby legs!


Naomi and Roy, lens test day, May 2016